N8TV Adventures, LLC
Riding the rapids at
Whitehorse on the
Deschutes River.
River Boarding Trips
End of the Day
Sitting on the
banks of the
Deschutes after a
day of River
Boarding the
N8TV Adventures (Native Adventures) will also be providing guided River Boarding
excursions on the Deschutes River from just below the mouth of the Warm Spring River
where it enters the Deschutes River down to the lower White Horse rapids.  Our River
Boarding excursions can be an all day or half day event. What is River Boarding?  River
Boarding is an up and coming river water sport. It has been a big sport in Europe and
has just been introduced in the United States in the past six years. River Boarding is
floating on your belly on a foam board that looks like a surfboard cut in half with handles
and going down river rapids. More exciting than rafting, River Boarding puts you at
water level!  We also have a Raft for people who want to come an watch other members
of their party River Board. Just need to ask for details on rates.
For some additional information on River Boarding you can go to http://facelevel.com/
One of our clients River Boarding the Deschutes
This is an in your face wave!
You can contact us for reservations randy@n8tvadventures.com
This is just part of the run we do at Whitehorse
Rapids on the Deschutes River.