P O Box 711, Warm Springs OR 97761 * 541-553-1200
N8TV Adventures, LLC
Lake Simtustus
This is the view of
the Lake that we
provide Guided
This Will Be An Unforgettable
Recreational Experience!!
These are some of
the rapids you will
encounter while
River Boarding
with us.
Our Mission here at N8TV Adventures is to create
and unforgettable recreational experience.

Come and enjoy the tranquility of kayaking on Lake
Simtustus, the excitement of Rafting and the rush
of River Boarding on the Deschutes River on the
Warm Springs Indian Reservation. N8TV
Adventures offers morning, afternoon, & all day
guided  trips. All of our guides are experienced and
American Heart Association Certified for First Aide
and CPR.

We launch from Indian Park which is
approximately 18 miles south on Jackson Trail
Road (Hwy 24), just off of Highway 26.

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N8TV Adventures can provide transportation
from the office on Highway 26. We can also
provide snacks or a meal.

Our trips are safe, fun, and a relaxing way to
enjoy the outdoors. While on your adventure
there will be opportunities to see the local
wildlife, like Osprey, Bald Eagles, and
Canadian Geese in their natural habitat. You
may see even Raccoons on the bank
feasting on their crayfish or deer coming
down for a cold fresh drink.
You can contact us for reservation at randy@n8tvadventures.com or call (541)553-1200
N8TV Adventures Staff
Sasha Perez is a student at Madras High
School Student. She loves River Boarding.
Shantel Kneeland is giving instruction before we
launch on the raft. She is going to school to become
a Physical Therapist.
Travis Williams, a graduate from Madras High
School and avid Hitch-hiker, has been rafting
with N8TV Adventures since the beginning.
Thomas Sam has been guiding Rafting and River
Boarding with N8TV Adventures since 2008.
Randall Nathan is the owner of N8TV
Adventures but enjoys getting out on the
river himself. He is a River guide, White
Water Technician 1, Tax preparer.  He
went to school at COCC & PSU studied
Finance, Management and Psychology.
Crystal Cousin is a Driver and Photographer who
is also learning to be a guide for Kayaking. She
is also a Cook and Waitress at Eagle Crossing.
Matt Mendes Drives, is a Rafting Guide,
River Boarding Guide and  Fishing Guide.
You can say this guy loves the River.
Tina has been a great Driver for N8TV Adventures for
several years but prefers staying on shore.  She loves to
share with the clients about the history of Warm Springs.
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Mailyn Kaltsukis is a graduate from Madras High
School who loves to River Board.  She also
waits tables at Eagle Crossing Restaurant.
Keyshawn Speakthunder and Devon Thompson are
students at Madras High School and usually team
up to guide large Rafting and River Boarding Trips
Nelson Hoaglin has been a Driver for us in
the past and now goes to school in Eugene
at Lane Community College.
Our Office along Highway 26
Miriam Vance, the daughter of the owners is a
Photographer and Secretary for N8TV Adventures and is
currently studying English at Southern Oregon University.
Brenda Nathan is co-owner of N8TV Adventures
and wife of Randall. She loves gardening and
considers all of the staff as family.